Club Booger Kennels

Fontenot's Booger

Club Booger Kennels has saved some of the finest of the Morfin dogs . Mr.Morfin's blood was based on a Maloney dog named Fontenot Booger.  Dr. Zarco took three of his best bitches in Caranegra, Sally, and Zira and bred them to Jack Sparrow for the first line breeding outside of the Morfin yard in half a century. We are honored that they chose my dog Jack Sparrow for that purpose. One of  Mr.Morfin's dying wishes was that they cross his Fontenot Booger blood into the best of the Bass Tramp Redboy blood. For that reason they have a son of Taz Tramp Redboy as well.  After these three bitches were bred to Jack Sparrow, we have picked what we think to be the cream of the crop and started blending these two lines together. . It is from these breedings that we offer a few select dogs for sale.


Jack x Sally


Jack x Caranegra


Jack x Zira (832)423-6665