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Fontenot's Booger




Comments: This male is one of the older sons of Erik and a littermate brother to Caranegra. He is about 65% Fontenot Booger , and good dose of the infamous Barsini dog on bottom. When Erik goes to Bulldog Heaven, he will be our premier stud.    Born 05/01/2018 (832)423-6665


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  Comments: This little bulldog is also on the Roster as a stud. We bred the super tight Fontenot Booger bred Furia II to Dastan.  Dastan is quadruple bred on the famous Barsini dog who adds another strain of Morfin to the equation.  We love this little dog dog and are sure he will produce very well for us.   Born 02/05/2019  (832)423-6665


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  Comments: One of Mr. Morfin's dying wishes was for Dr.Zarco to breeed his line of dogs with the Redboy dogs to see what happens. We know have this little male that is a ball of fire and a blend of Tom Garner's Cottingham blood, Pit Island's Boomer blood, and the Tazmanian Red strain of Redboy.  This little male should throw very good dogs for us.    Born 12/23/2018  (832)423-6665

Joe Redboy

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