(Pure Bolio Tombstone & Redboy-Jocko)

If you ask any of questions from the above list, I'll hang up on you.


Comments: Everyone keeps asking for a pure Bolio-Tombstone breeding. AndyCapp was one of the best Bolio dogs of all times, and we wanted to add him to our line up. This breeding does just that. The top is a pure Hollingsworth breeding using Jack Sparrow's sister, Flame, to Hollingsworth's Bull frozen semen. The bottom is Jack Sparrow himself to a heavy AndyCapp bred Bolio-Boyles bitch.  Bolio breeding top and bottom. The top is a bit heavier on the Maloney Tombstone blend, the bottom is more the Carver and Hank mix. Ovulated 03/03/2021. Bred 03/05/2021. Pups due on May 05, 2021 (832)423-6665 *

Savage Jack x Visenya II

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Comments: This plan to take some of the most steadfast and talented strains of Hollingsworth and Redboy blood and put them together for a total outcross with an inbreeding coefficient of less than one percent was set in motion more than 11 years ago.. Best to best doesn't do this justice. Jack Sparrow is the ultimate representation of the Hollingsworth Bolio Tombstone line. Tazmanian Red was a once in a lifetime Redboy dog, and Tazzy along with her littermates are no different. 
Ovulated 03/04/2021 . Bred 03/05/2021. Pups due May 6, 2021 .

(832) 423-6665 or

Jack Sparrow x Taz Tramp Redgirl

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Comments: A daughter of Machobuck to a son of Haunch representing the best of Mayday over and over again. Barracuda, Lukane and Haunch with a triple dose of Hollingsworth Bull and a double dose of Crash showcasing the Mayday side of the equation. On the Buck side you have Machobuck , 357, Butkus, Miss Leaky, and Blondie. These dogs should be spectacular.

 Ovulated 03/11,2021. Bred 03/13, 2021. Due May 15, 2021. (832)423-6665 *

Mayday Prime x Machakane

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Comments:  Savage Jack x Visenya is the Hollingsworth stuff bred tighter on the Bolio Carver side of the equation. This breeding is tighter on the Maloney side. As a matter of fact, this breeding is as tight on Maloney's Toot as you can get. 21.31% to be exact. Toot sired the immortal Tombstone dog and Maloney's Davis who was sire to Fontenot's Booger. Ladies and gentleman, if you haven't heard of Jack Sparrow and his sister Flame, you've been living under a rock. They are the perfect blend of Hollingswoth, Buck , and Tonka Bear blood . Flame was was bred to Hollingsworth Bull semen from the 1980's and Jack was bred to the tightest Fontenot Booger bitch in the world.  This breeding is absolutely stellar if you like the Bolio-Tombstone line of dogs. Tom Garner & Mr. Stinson told me that those Fontenot Booger dogs were among the most steadfast in nature dogs they have ever seen.  Here it is available to the public.  Ovulated 03/21,2021. Bred 03/22-23, 2021. Due May 23, 2021. (832)423-6665
Savage Jack x Zarca

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Comments: My favorite of all my current breedings. The closest thing to Mayday on the planet bred to a Machobuck Mayday bitch. The bottom is Machobuck bred into the best Mayday dogs to look through a collar. Lukane, Haunch, Barracuda, and the original Macho all underneath Machobuck. Sugarbear II was not cooperating so an AI was done at the best reproductive clinic in the world.

Ovulated 04/09/2021. Bred 04/11,13/2021. Due 06/11,2021. (832)423-6665 *

Mayday Prime x Sugarbear II

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Comments: The Snooty x Creamator dogs were my first dogs and I always had a soft spot in my heart for them. Joanne Le Blanc did a fantastic job with the Snooty line for decades. Snoopy was  the best house dog that I ever owned. I made this breeding to get a new house dog in lieu of Snoopy passing away. Carver blood at its best. I am selling one puppy to cover surgical insemination and progesterone timing costs. Pick male is mine, the rest go to a buddy in Austin.

Ovulated 04/15/2021. Bred 04/18,13/2021. Due 06/16,2021. (832)423-6665 *

Snoopy x Skylar

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