1. Do you sell puppies? Really? No, I'm selling presidential pardons! C,mon.... next stupid question....

2. When will you breed Miss Machobuck II? I apologize, but my future telling crystal ball broke, and I didn't buy the extended warranty. So, I can no longer tell the future and tell you when a bitch will come in heat. next stupid question.....

3. When will the pups be born? I put the dates that the dogs are bred for a reason. So you can count the days on a calendar and have an approximation of when the pups will be born. Its usually 62-68 days from date of breeding.

4. When will the puppy be ready? Usually 6 weeks after stupid question number 3.

5. What bloodline is it? Really? I put 6 generation pedigrees on all the breedings, if you CLICK ON THE PICTURE,  like I tell you to, you will see how the dogs are bred !! If you can't figure out the bloodline, you don't need to own one of these dogs.

6. How much are your puppies? A dollar if you are a positive example for the breed  or friend.  1,000,000.00 if you're a fucktard backstreet breeder who feeds Ole Roy from Walmart and gunpowder to make a dog mean. This question is stupid if you ask it in general. If you are precise, its a valid question. Unless you plan to buy a puppy from EVERY litter on the page, be SPECIFIC about the breeding that you are interested in. Different litters have different prices, so please , pretty please, with sugar on top, BE SPECIFIC about what breeding you're interested in so I can give you a price on THAT ONE.

7.What do you recommend? I don't. I put 6 generation pedigrees up so you can make your OWN decision.

8. For you fucktard idiots that call or text asking to buy a dog for fighting purposes. Just kill yourself, you're doing the world a favor.

9. Can you take pictures of the pups? Can I get a side profile, 3/4 profile, and front facing pictures? Absolutely I can. I can take all the pictures that you want AFTER you send a DEPOSIT! I'm willing to waste my time once you've proven not to be a time waster.

10. Can I come to your yard and pick my puppy? ABSOLUTELY, as long as you pay in advance to tow your car back to your home and you agree to take a gun to your head and pull the trigger as you leave my driveway. Really? I'm going to show you where I live so you can come back and steal my dogs? FUCK YOU!

11. BONUS for all of you LOSERS that use the phrase, "MY WORD IS MY BOND," ... NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!  Your word is shit! If your word is so good, try using it when you go rent a car and they ask you for your drivers license. Just tell them that you have one, you just don't have it with you, that, "Your word is your bond." You won't be renting a car. When you go buy a house, if you can ever save up enough money, don't worry about getting a deed, just take the sellers word for it, "His word is his bond."  Try "bonding" your buddy out of jail using "your word" that he'll show up in court. They'll laugh and ask for CASH because YOUR WORD IS SHIT!  If "word is bond," contracts wouldn't be necessary. All in all, the phrase is for IDIOTS, and in my 20 years experience, only ABSOLUTE TIME WASTING DREAMER BULLSHITTERS USE THIS PHRASE. Furthermore, I won't sell a dog to any idiot that uses this phrase in conversation with me. For references on how this MORON phrase came to be , look at urban dictionary: WORD IS BOND.

STATEMENT: If you ask any of these stupid questions, I'll consider you an illiterate MORON that is incapable of taking good care of my puppy , and I'll just hang up on you.  Also if you mention doing anything illegal with these dogs,  especially anything that could be interpreted as related to dog fighting, I will again hang up and block your number. We breed these animals using genetic contribution and percentages to preserve the breed.   If this is offensive to you...Fuck off