1. What bloodline is it? Really? I put 6 generation pedigrees on all the breedings, if you CLICK ON THE PICTURE,  like I tell you to, you will see how the dogs are bred !! If you can't figure out the bloodline, you don't need to own one of these dogs.

2. What do you recommend? I don't. I put 6 generation pedigrees up so you can make your OWN decision.

3. For all of you LOSERS that use the phrase, "MY WORD IS MY BOND," ... NOTHING IS FURTHER F THE TRUTH!  Your word is shit! If your word is so good, try using it when you go rent a car and they ask you for your drivers license. Just tell them that you have one, you just don't have it with you, that, "Your word is your bond." You won't be renting a car. When you go buy a house, if you can ever save up enough money, don't worry about getting a deed, just take the sellers word for it, "His word is his bond."  If "word is bond," Contracts wouldn't be necessary. Try "bonding" your buddy out of jail using "your word" that he'll show up in court. They'll laugh and ask for CASH because YOUR WORD IS SHIT! All in all, the phrase is for IDIOTS, and in my 20 years experience, only ABSOLUTE TIME WASTING DREAMER BULLSHITTERS USE THIS PHRASE. Furthermore, I won't sell a dog to any idiot that uses this phrase in conversation with me. For references on how this MORON phrase came to be , look at urban dictionary: WORD IS BOND.

STATEMENT: If you ask any of these stupid questions, I'll consider you an illiterate MORON that is incapable of taking good care of my puppy , and I'll just hang up on you.  Also if you mention doing anything illegal with these dogs,  especially anything that could be interpreted as related to dogfighting, I will again hang up and block your number. We breed these animals using genetic contribution and percentages to preserve the breed.












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